About Us

About Us

We are a leading institution in the field of education, training, counselling and management services provision, and have been successfully conducting business since 1988. Our aim is the continuous development and refinement of existing working methods through our unique concept of modern management, developed as a result of many years of experience. We challenge stereotypes in education, putting the emphasis back on to people and their potential, as well as their personal predispositions, through development of a creative and active approach to various real-life situations. We apply a subjective approach to the creative process in all our activities, constantly attempting to create and improve completely new values.

The Institute of Creative Activity (IPT) rests on the strong foundations of a unique concept of purposeful work and the subjective development of the individual. The bases of our work and progress are original and non-standard solutions for business, education and team work, the attainment of personal competences, and a creative approach to different work situations. Here at IPT, the major role is played by people, whose knowledge and abilities are the backbone of the company's development.

We keep in touch with our customers, systematically assessing their needs, preferences and level of satisfaction, and support the development of creative skills that inspire creative and critical thinking and encourage the working out of multiple solutions to individual problems. We work to achieve independence of thought, encourage long-term planning and time management, and cooperation in using practical knowledge from many fields. We teach risk-taking in research and how to reach decisions and our pioneering activities promote the development of new markets. By constantly stressing our customers needs, we've approached the leading position in the creation of new products and services. At the heart of our activity is the generation of key competences, particularly innovation, expressed in the creation of certain fields of research, and in collecting projects with the aim of achieving perfect standards of management.